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Unfortunately, administration of estates can be quite contentious. Sometimes, older people are of unsound mind or subject to influences that determine the provisions they include in their Will or Trust. Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to an inheritance denied you by questionable provisions in a Will. At the Indianapolis, Indiana, law firm of Padgett Law, our will contest lawyers aggressively represent clients who are involved in a dispute over the validity of a will or trust.

If you believe you have been denied inheritance of what is rightfully yours, contact us today. We represent clients in cases throughout all of the State of Indiana, including the counties of Marion, Hamilton, Boone, Hendricks, Hancock and Johnson. The will and trust contest lawyers at Padgett Law will investigate the matter on your behalf and advise you as to the appropriate legal action.  Estates are subject to very short deadlines, so it is imperative that you act promptly to protect your rights.

When a Will is Contested

We handle “contentious probates” throughout the State of Indiana.  Experience has demonstrated that older Americans are not the only ones subject to influence and manipulation. If your ex-spouse, parent, or grandparent has changed their Will or trust due to the actions or advice of a third party, you need to consult with a will contest lawyer. At Padgett Law, we identify suspicious circumstances surrounding the creation of Wills and trusts and take action to remedy the improper conduct.

If your loved one was of unsound mind, or was unfairly influenced when preparing their Will or trust, you can contest its validity. We stand firmly by our clients and expose any fraudulent or improper execution of estate planning documents like Wills and trusts.

Wills and Trusts Require Vigilance

A Will or trust enables a person to distribute their assets according to stated intentions. To create a valid Will or trust, a person must be of sound mind and not subject to undue influence.  We can help you evaluate the circumstances and determine the best course of action.

Trust Contests

Just like a Will, a trust can be contested if there are proper grounds for a challenge. The sooner you act the better . . . waiting can deny you the right to a remedy or can add complications and additional costs to litigating the matter. If you have doubts or questions regarding how a Will or trust was prepared or executed, contact the Will and trust contest attorneys at Padgett Law today.

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