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Most of Greg Padgett’s work as counsel in estate and trust litigation matters has come to him through referrals made by other attorneys.  Because Mr. Padgett practices exclusively in the area of estate and trust litigation, and does not assist clients in business law, family law or estate planning matters, his work for the clients referred to him by other lawyers always ends when the litigation ends.  Whenever such clients ask Mr. Padgett to assist them with other legal matters, they are referred back to the original referring lawyer for any and all other legal services.

Greg Padgett has a long history of assisting other lawyers on large estate and trust matters.  His efforts have resulted in numerous successful judgments or settlements for the benefit of these joint clients.  Mr. Padgett welcomes the opportunity to develop a relationship with you to serve the needs of your clients whenever they face a dispute over an inheritance.

Often, Mr. Padgett has been called upon by estate planning attorneys to defend Wills or trusts created by them as part of an estate plan for their clients.  In such cases, the lawyer who prepared the estate planning documents typically must serve as a witness in support of the documents at trial.  Usually, such counsel will continue to represent the Executor in administration of the estate and/or the Trustee in administration of one or more trusts, and Mr. Padgett is appointed as “special counsel” for the purpose of defending the Will contest or other estate litigation.

Mr. Padgett has also served as special counsel engaged by the attorneys for the decedent’s estate when defense of a claim is called for; when there is a dispute over the interpretation of a Will or trust; where there is need for a determination of heirship; and in other kinds of inheritance disputes.  Greg Padgett handles “contentious probates” throughout the State of Indiana.  Mr. Padgett has also served as local counsel or co-counsel in estate proceedings in the State of Indiana when the deceased lived in another state but owned property in Indiana.  In other cases, Mr. Padgett has been brought in simply as a legal consultant on specific problems that have arisen in the course of estate or trust administration, or to serve as an expert witness.

Whenever Padgett Law is contacted regarding a potential co-counsel arrangement or referral, our goal is to accommodate your client’s desires with respect to how the litigation matters should be handled.  We strive to arrive at ethical referral and co-counsel arrangements that best meet the client’s needs and that are beneficial for all counsel involved.

All counsel should feel free to pick up the phone and call Greg Padgett, or to send him an e-mail, to talk about a case at any time.

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